passive aggressive

by Future Nest

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The first future nest album

an album about self esteem and birds

thanks to meg for constant inspiration and support. thanks to hanna for the album name. thanks to steffani for letting me use the picture i took of her for the album art. thanks to ziggy for endless support and kindness. i love you all

when you download the album, you'll receive my love and affection (and maybe a thank you letter if you include your email)

all music written and recorded by Tyler Hormell


released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Future Nest Dallas, Texas

everything in the universe will be ok!

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Track Name: lullabye
You are not the one to listen
To my fears and inhibitions
I am not the one to stick around

People always tell me that
I need to change, I'm not the right way
I don't know how to take it
I just take it on the ground

So go to me
We are nothing but concrete
You put out the light in the dark
Track Name: light rain
headache now
way too loud
maybe im not done listening
love is blind
how cliche

there's something in the way, just the way you say
how all of our problems will somehow fade away

my head in a cage, doesn't it seem wrong?
but you wont agree, you'll just sing along
i know me being sad did not make that much sense
until our "i love you"'s all became past tense

well maybe i should be able to calm myself down
im quite aware that the music gets a little loud sometimes
now i feel extraterrestrial like im floating
maybe this is how it should always be but yeah maybe im lost at sea
yeah maybe its the same old shit, and yeah maybe im in love with it
but i got things to say now that the skies are grey

i can hear you tapping on my window late at night
but you're not there
i guess its just the rain
Track Name: fluorescence
You you burn so bright
My methyl mercury martyr
my mountain my starter of light

Shower steam they say is soft to the touch
but all the cuts on my skin
They sting sinking in its too much

And I know that I'll grow
If you water me I'll start to glow

Looser limbs will fall away tonight
But now I've broken my body
The kids with karate won't fight

Fear and patterned walls will haunt my dreams
And while the words will be hot, I know that
It's not what it seems
Track Name: the oasis
Frothing flowers from a filthy face
Regret in your seams
Tumbling towers trace the tallest place
Reoccurring dreams

Under influence of potted soil
Vines around my neck
Rotten hands frantically dig for oil
Throw them from the deck

and i know im not the only only who has stared straight into the sun and vaguely wished for anyone
and i know im not the only one who is scared that the visions in this bright montage are sadly, solely, a mirage

Storms of sand softly speaking sins
Melody of lights
Twisting tides of tongue tied mystic twins
Comfort in the nights

Beckoned bridges burn and break away
Wandering for weeks
Foreign follower of a fallen way Wonder if he speaks

go to sleep, go to sleep
go to sleep weary traveler
rest your head in your bed
of scorpions and gravel
what comes first? death from thirst?
or flawed exaggeration?
weakened arms, safe from harm
beautiful depravation

autumn skies now seem so far away
im broken down by trust
desert winds erode in blind ballets
turn me into dust
Track Name: i am my own hell
hell is other people and don't you know
hell is where the heart is, and where we'll go
but i am my own hell
i am my own hell
i hope you know the difference between humanity and existence
i hope you know

help me introduce me, what do i say?
"hello there my name is..." is that ok?
cause i am my own hell
i am my own hell
i hope you know the difference between humanity and existence
i hope you know
Track Name: 22
Lose your doubt
It's not pretty
Keep in time
What a pity
That the only way that I can breathe
Is with a trick card up my sleeve

What's the point?
Were all liars
Broken down
With frayed wires
And the reason you'd walk out on me
The undenied epiphany
Of life

It all goes too fast
Living in the past
Memories unspoken
Now that both our hearts are broken

What the hell, photograph
I can't even laugh
About our stories ending
Twisted on the floor so fuck my life

Settle down
You're not crying
I love you
Im not lying
but Romanticized reality
Will never lose it's grip on me
Were so young
But not famous
We crave love
Who can blame us
eventually we'll fall apart
we knew this from the start
so fuck my life

Hallucinogenic lies
Are tearing at your bright blue eyes
Track Name: ceiling fan
watch the ceiling fan go round
whisper words that i'm afraid of
melancholy spinning blades
helps me know that im ok
Track Name: self esteem/birds
Praying to stars that will taunt me
Hoping that someday you'll haunt me
Bleeding out words from the self esteem birds overhead

Feeding me lies on a t shirt
Falling in love at a concert
Bathroom stall princess who writes all her interests on me

And it's bittersweet
From the window seat
Losing touch from my legs down to my feet

Try to stay in tune
With your silver spoon
Singing loud in my used hot air balloon

I think that we have no purpose
Spinning in circles unnoticed
I wear all black cause I like to feel empty inside

Hating my actions on repeat
Knowing that I'll never taste sweet
Insecure writing that sounds like it's fighting off sleep

I have these fears that they do not believe in
i have these fears that they dont think are real

they dont believe
they dont believe me
they dont believe in me
they dont believe in my fears

im a boat in irons stranded at sea
im the patron saint of mediocrity
i cant do shit for myself, i only care about you
i want to help the world but there is nothing i can do
i know how im gonna die smashed in the passenger seat
blood escaping my ears and rushing down to my feet
i hope the crash happens soon i cant take this anymore
i'd rather drown a million times then ever float back ashore

i can hear you tapping on my window late at night
but you're not there
i guess its just the rain
Track Name: balloons rising from an erupting volcano to celebrate mankind's negative impact on the world
Jaded from sorrow
Fading into tomorrow and
The words I wish I wrote

I've gotta confess that I'm a little depressed that I can't hit every note

Now I'm lonely today
You know I guess that's OK
But there's something haunting me

I can't tell you why I'm thinking of ways to die that would make others happy

So go to me
We are nothing but concrete
You put out the light in the dark